Prequalification of consultants for the Development of organisational policies, sustainability strategy, capacity building, advocacy for PSO/CSO organisations across the East Africa Region


TradeMark East Africa (TMEA) is a not for profit organisation which aims to promote regional trade and
economic integration in East Africa through, inter alia, support to the EAC Secretariat, EAC Partner State
governments, business and civil society organisations to take forward and benefit from the process of
economic integration in East Africa. TMEA works with private sector (PSO) and civil society organisations
(CSO) to strengthen advocacy, analysis and monitoring of East African regional integration and to
enhance collaboration within the sectors.

TMEA’s PSO/CSO programme focuses on two key interventions: 1) Supporting the development
of capacities for and the delivery of evidence-based advocacy to define priorities for trade,
competitiveness and social welfare, provide supporting evidence for dialogue and advocacy and
tracking the progress of institutional and policy development; and 2) Supporting the establishment and
implementation of regional and national networking forums and EAC consultations. Throughout, the
focus will be on the key priority areas for TMEA and the PSO/CSO programme, namely increased market
access, an enhanced trade environment and the improved quality and price of products.


The main purpose of this prequalification exercise is for the successful consultants or consultancy firms
to build the capacity of partners through the development of organisational policies, sustainability
strategies, capacity building and advocacy.

Scope or Deliverables

The methodology shall be developed once the need has been identified and approved by TMEA with
input from the beneficiary PSO/CSO and shall form part of the specific TORs to be used to invite a
consultants to perform specific tasks.


The framework is envisaged to stay in place from May 2013 and run for a period of 3 years.


The consultancy is open to individuals and firms with the following qualifications:
• Consultants and firms having at least 10 years working experience in the area of institutional
and capacity building which includes, but is not restricted to, the development of organisational
policies, sustainability strategies and advocacy for PSO/CSO organisations. Experience with
demonstrable results within the East Africa region is a definite advantage;
• Individual consultants and consultants from firms having at minimum, a Masters degree in
Business Administration or a related field, with a track record of leading policy development as
management staff or a consultant; and
• Knowledge, skills and most importantly, a proven record of developing organisational HR,
finance and procurement policies and sustainability strategies, organisational communication,
data management, storage and back up policies


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